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Swiss-Aura Collection

A top quality flooring with delicate selection of colours to fit both classic and contemporary interior needs.

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Euro-Loft Collection

The ultra matte surface in combine with the earthy European favourite wooden patterns. We had revealed the original beauty of the European style interior.

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German Supreme Original Series

Beautiful rooms deserve a beautiful floor. With German Supreme – Original Series from German Supreme, even the most ambitious design concept can be realised. The perfect choice for the commercial sector – especially with heavy footfall. Because the surface is not only impressive for its aesthetic appearance with attractive decors, but also for its outstanding durability. A further striking feature: the 4-sided bevel for a luxurious look. A floor discerning users – in every respect.

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German Supreme D-Series

There are situations in life where one needs a thick skin. Where one has to be very resilient and tough. Which is why German Supreme D-Series is also the perfect floor for extreme levels of use. With its high-density, 12-mm thick fiberboard and an especially wear-resistant surface, it can cope with pretty much anything to which it is exposed. Even if used for commercial purposes. Its CLIC tongue-and-groove connection system will never disappoint in any situation as it was specially developed to hold up under the highest pressure.

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